ADDC Membership

To become an ADDC member

ADDC membership is open to individuals and agencies working on disability issues in developing countries including:

  • The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Disability and Development Working Group
  • National Disability Services
  • Disabled People’s Organizations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Individuals and agencies concerned with disability in developing countries
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Members Code of Ethics

The Members Code of Ethics is contained within the ADDC Governance Framework.

Members shall observe the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour in all of their activities. By upholding such standards, members enhance their own standing as disability professionals and increase public and disability sector confidence.

As the conduct of an individual member can reflect upon the wider profession of disability professionals and upon ADDC membership as a whole, the Code sets out what are deemed to be appropriate standards of professional conduct:

·         Members shall refrain from conduct or action which detracts from the reputation of disability professionals or ADDC;  

·         Members shall uphold the choices and rights of individuals with a disability and proactively support and facilitate inclusion to enhance  opportunities for people with disabilities; 

·         Members are required to act with integrity, mutual trust and transparency at all times in carrying out their duties and responsibilities; 

·         Members shall at all times safeguard the interests of their employers/colleagues  and the disability community provided that members shall not knowingly be party to any illegal or unethical activity; 

·         In all of its activities and particularly its communications to the public, members will accord due respect to the dignity, values, history, religion, and culture of the people with whom it works consistent with principles of basic human rights;

·         Members shall exercise due care and diligence in performing their duties and ensure, through a philosophy of continued professional development, the currency of their knowledge, skills, attitudes and technical competencies;  

·         Members shall strive for continuous improvement and excellence; and 

·         Members acknowledge that this Code is to be adhered to both in spirit and to the letter, so that members' conduct is governed by the highest standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour. 


ADDC members take seriously their obligations to be responsible and comply with all government laws and regulations, as well as common law obligations.

NB: Organisational members are strongly encouraged to follow ACFID Code of Conduct and its philosophies in partnership with ADDC code.

ADDC has also developed a number of Principles for Disability and Development work by Australian Agencies. The document can be downloaded and provides further insight into the operating values the consortium stands for.