Executive Committee

2016-17 ADDC Executive Committee

To guide ADDC, the following Executive Committee is responsible for governance and ADDC activities. This group represents key Australian disability and development agencies and individuals. A number of current Committee members who were involved in the original formation of this consortium.

The processes and procedures for the election of the Executive Committee are contained within the
ADDC Governance Framework

The ADDC Executive Committee structure has been re-developed and will be implemented from current election round. Information on the new structure can be found in the Governance Framework.

The ADDC Executive Committee members are:  

Executive Committee Member





Ongoing positions




Jessica Lobo


National Disability Service

Alice Ridge


Australian Council For International Development (ACFID)

Erin Ryan


CBM Australia





Allocated Positions




Frank Hall-Bentick, Disabled People’s Organisation Representative


Australian Federation of Disability Organisations


Alexandra Devine, Academic/University Representative

Nossal Institute for Global Health


Glenn Lawless, Disability NGO Representative

Annecto - the people network




General Positions


Jackie Lauff

Sport Matters


Samantha French

People with Disability Australia


Helen Fernandes

TEAR Australia


Chelsea Huggett



Paul Deany

Disability Rights Fund


Kerryn Clarke

ADDC Executive Officer