Practitioner Interest Groups

Summary of reports and meetings of Practioner Interest Groups involved in Disability and Development

Theme: 'Monitoring and Evaluation in Disability-Inclusive Development'
ADDC held a Practitioner Interest Forum on 30th August 2016. It explored ways of assessing how inclusive communities, programs and organisations are through case studies and practices within a range of contexts. The objective was also to share lessons learnt, positive experiences and resources across the network.

During the forum, they identified best practices in terms of disability-related data collection. They also discussed the idea that asking people with disabilities to identify so they can be “counted” is needed for practitioners to be able to gather data and statistics to monitor impact of disability inclusive programs and to convince governments to make policies to support and include people with disabilities. Could this disclosure by persons with disabilities to enable data collection create a subtle separation between people with disabilities and other community members and therefore be counterproductive in our attempts to create truly inclusive societies?

Link to the presentations and documents here

Theme: 'Disability Inclusion in Conflict, Disaster and Recovery'
Practitioners Interest forum held at the Australian Red Cross on 17th Sep 2013 /documents/Minutes ADDC PIF 17Sept 2013 ARC.doc
Australian Red Cross - Australian Red Cross Organisational Journey in Disability Inclusion
Dalal Al Taji; Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) - Personal reflections of disability inclusion in conflict settings
World Vision - Psychosocial First Aid in disasters
Save the Children - Disability Inclusion in Disaster Risk Reduction
Panel Discussion
Related Documents- /documents/110727_Horn of Africa_food crisis_disability inclusion_CBM_Plan Intl_FINAL3.pdf
/documents/2013_Disability Inclusion in the Syrian Refugee Response in Lebanon_Womens Refugee Commission.pdf
/documents/2013_Mitigating Disasters - A Promising Start. The Lancet.pdf
/documents/130730_AA framework-protection-humanitarian-action.pdf

Theme: ‘Voices of People with Disability in Development Programs’
Practitioners Interest Forum held at WaterAid on 19th June, 2013 /documents/Minutes ADDC Practitioner Interest Forum held at WaterAID 130619-Final.doc
WaterAid - Equity and Inclusion - See resources under Practitioner Interest Forum
WaterAid - Voices of People with Disabilities - See resources under Practitioner Interest Forum


CBM-Nossal Partnership - Working with DPOs and PWDs in research - See resources under Practitioner Interest Forum


The Year Ahead – Disability and Development in a Changing & Challenging Environment
Practitions Interest Forum held at CBM on 13 March 2013 /documents/130313 ADDC PIF Minutes of Meeting.doc

Paul Deany International Cooperation
AusAID    Mid-term review of ‘Development for All – towards a disability-inclusive Australian aid program 2009-2014’
ADDC      The Year Ahead
David Lewis  Stories from West Africa and a potted history of ADDC                           

Researchers Interest Group

Researchers Interest Group Information: /documents/Research-Interest-Group-2011.doc

Researchers Interest Group TOR: /documents/ToR Research Interest Groups August 2011- DRAFT.doc

AusAID and CBM Report 'Developing a disability and development research agenda for Asia and the Pacific': /documents/DDDRA-for-Asia-and-the-Pacific-Report-Sept-30.doc 

Using your ‘senses’ in inclusive practices  Practitioner Interest Forum Meeting held August 28, 2012

Minutes of the meeting: /documents/20120828 ADDC PIF (draft) Minutes of meeting.doc

African Lessons on Language and Citizens: Local Action and Transnational Partnerships /documents/AfricanLessonsAnnouncement.docx

Mission in Haiti: /documents/HaitiJACQenglish.doc

Inclusion Made Easy Practitioner Interest Forum 29th May, 2012

Minutes of the Inclusion Made Easy Practitioner Interest Forum  /documents/20120529-Minutes-ADDC-Inclusion-Made-Easy1.doc

Link to ‘Inclusion Made Easy’

Sport and Development Practitioner Interest Forum 28th Feb, 2012

Minutes of the Sport and Development Practitioners Forum /documents/Minutes Sports and Dev PIF Feb 2012.doc 

Disability Inclusion in the Australian Sports Outreach Program: Rob Regent,
Australian Sports Commission
Sport Matters         
Sport and Development          

Link to resources: /documents/Sport Development and Disability Resources.doc

Link to SportsMatters presentation: International Perspectives on Sport and Development

Meeting held November 10th 2011

Link to minutes of Practitioners Interest Forum: /documents/20111110-ADDC-Practitioners-Interest-Group-Minutes.doc 

Link to Caritas presentation:Disability programs in SEAsia (Nov 2011)

Link to AusAID presentation:  COSP Presentation AusAID        

Meeting held August 18th 2011:

Link to report: /documents/20110818 ADDC Practitioners Interest Minutes.doc 

Link to Oxfam presentation: Oxfams journey towards disability inclusion    

Link to AusAID presentation:  Towards Disability Inclusive Development  /documents/110809 DID Resp to Rev of Aid Eff.pdf

Link to Disability Inclusion Fact Sheet presentation: /documents/110727_Horn of Africa_food crisis_disability inclusion_CBM_Plan Intl_FINAL3.pdf 

Meeting held May 25th 2011:

Link to report:   /documents/20110525 Minutes ADDC Interest Group.doc

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