Monitoring and Evaluation

ADDC Practitioner Interest Forum (PIF) on Monitoring & Evaluation, 30th August 2016

ADDC Practitioner Interest Forum (PIF) on Monitoring & Evaluation

The Practitioner Interest Forum explored ways of assessing how inclusive communities, programs and organisations are through case studies and practices within a range of contexts. The objective was also to share lessons learnt, positive experiences and resources across the network.

During the forum, we identified best practices in terms of disability-related data collection. We also discussed the idea that asking people with disabilities to identify so they can be “counted” is needed for practitioners to be able to gather data and statistics to monitor impact of disability inclusive programs and to convince governments to make policies to support and include people with disabilities. Could this disclosure by persons with disabilities to enable data collection create a subtle separation between people with disabilities and other community members and therefore be counterproductive in our attempts to create truly inclusive societies?

The Program for the day.

Short presentations (4) to set the scene about M&E about Disability Inclusive Development

Small group discussions about the experiences of participants, in the context of the ‘scene-setting’ presentations

Presentation of several case studies by ADDC members to illustrate variety of approaches/share lessons learned:

PLAN Australia:
         Andrew Masheedze- Disability is now a community issue
         Esnath Sithole- Disability is not inability
         Jesca and Solomon's story
         Promoting rights and accountabilities in African communities

CBM Australia:
         Poster MOI short intro non CBM audience

          Monitoring inequalities in WASH access 
         Annecto ORG P25 Planning framework
         Inclusion planning framework
         Monitoring & Evaluation 

Disability-inclusive disaster response

Focus on contemporary M&E practice issues related to disability inclusion

Small group discussions on 5 practical guidance questions related to M&E on international disability inclusion

Participatory activity to illustrate experience of M&E re disability inclusion

Next steps and wrap up

Detailed Progam for ADDC Practitioner Interest Forum 30 Aug 2016

Key Documents: 
Plan-CBM-Nossal Disability Data Collection Practice Note

CBM Practice note presentation 

Monitoring and Evaluation in Disability-Inclusive Development
: Ensuring data ABOUT disability-inclusive development contributes TO inclusion. Deborah Rhodes

Other case studies and tools:

Oxfam - Experiences of Disability Inclusion in Zimbabwe
CBM - Learning about inclusion of people with disability in evaluation teams
CBM, Word Vision & WaterAid - Conducting Disability Inclusive Baseline Assessments for Community-Level WASH Projects