Disabled Peoples Organisations

Disabled Peoples Organisations

This includes Global, Regional and National organisations that care for support and advocate for persons with disability. This also includes NGOs with a disability focus.

Database in Excel Spreadsheet of DPOs in the Asia-Pacific Region with information on each DPO target group, aim/mission, objectives, priorities, partnerships and contacts. This database is regularly updated:
/documents/DPO Data July 2016.xlsx

Quick links below:

Global Disabled Peoples Organisations:

Disabled Peoples' International (DPI)
Down Syndrome Internationall (DSI)
Inclusion International      
International Disability Alliance     
International Federation of Hard of Hearing Persons           
People with Disability              
World Blind Union (WBU)
World Federation of the Deaf (WFD)
World Federation of the Deafblind (WFDB)
World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry

Regional Disabled Peoples Organisations:

Arab Organisation of Persons with Disabilities (AOPD) – note website in Arabic
Disabled People International Asia Pacific (DPIAP)
European Disability Forum
The Latin American Network of Non-Governmental Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and their Families (RIADIS)
Pacific Disability Forum (PDF)

National Disabled Peoples Organisations and NGOs with a Disability focus:

Action on Disability and Development (ADD) Bangladesh   
Bangladesh Prodibandhi Kallyan Somity (BPKS)
Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organisation (BERDO) Bangladesh
Cambodian Development Mission for Disability  
Cambodian Disabled Peoples Organisation
Cambodian Disabled Independent Living Organization
        #25 Street 237, Sangkhet Psaur Depo I Khat Tonkkock, Phnom Penh
        Ph (855) 12 731 770    Fax (855) 12 321 1838
Centre for Services and Information on Disability (CSID) Bangladesh         
Deaf Development Programme Cambodia
Development and Ability Organization, Afghanistan
Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association (Vanuatu)
Disabled Peoples NGOs in Pakistan Website list of NGOs in Pakistan
Fiji Association of the Deaf (email:  fijideaf@connect.com.fj)
Fiji Disabled Peoples Association (FDPA)
Fusi Alofa Association Tuvalu – facebook page, More info about Fusi Alofa Ass, Tuvalu
Hope Foundation Uganda
Kelompok Peduli Penyandang Cacat (CARE Group for PwD) Flores, Indonesia 
     facebook page
Komar Pikar Foundation  
Laos Disabled People's Association
Lesotho Nat. Fed. Of Org of the Disabled LNFOD is the umbrella organisation for four Disabled People's Organizations (DPO’s) including:
       Lesotho National League of the Visually Impaired Persons
       Intellectual Disability Association of Lesotho       
       Lesotho National Association of Physically Disabled
       National Association of the Deaf in Lesotho
National Council of Disabled Women (NCDW) Bangladesh
National Grassroots Disability Organization (NGDO) Bangladesh
Naunau 'o e 'Alamaite Tonga Association - NATA – facebook page
Nuanua O Le Alofa Samoa – facebook page, More info about Nuanua O Le Alofa, Samoa
Nauru Disabled Peoples Organization
National Disability Resource and Advocacy Centre (NDRAC PNG)
Ra'es Hadomi Timor Oan (RHTO)Timor-Leste
SEADA India – mainstreaming disability

International NGOs with a disability focus

Access Exchange International
ACFID—Disability and Development
Action on Disability and Development (ADD)
Asia and Pacific Disability Forum
Asia-Pacific Development Centre on Disability (APCD)
Australia Pacific Islands Disability Support (APIDS)
Bond (British Overseas NGOs) Disability and Development Group
Brien Holden Vision Institute
Care Australia 
CBM Australia
Disabled Peoples International – Asia Pacific
Disability Awareness in Action (DAA)
Disability: Knowledge and Research (UK)
Disability Rights Fund
Disability Rights International     
Fred Hollows Foundation                  
Global Applied Disability Research and Information Network on Employment and Training(GLADNET)
Handicap International
Impact Foundation UK
Inclusive WASH
International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairments (ICEVI)
Leonard Cheshire
Make Development Inclusive – Mainstreaming disability in development cooperation
Mind Freedom International      
Mobility International (USA)
Motivation Australia
Motivation Charitable Trust (UK)
Rehabilitation International                         
Sense International
Sight Savers International
Source International Information Support Centre
Sport and Development Organisation
The Leprosy Mission Australia
World Institute on Disability (WID)