Related Links and Websites

Links to International and Academic Agencies, Australian and International , Government and Non Government Agencies related to Disability Inclusive Development. Also Disabled Peoples Organisations at Global Regional and National Levels

Disabled Peoples Organisations (DPOs):

This includes Global, Regional and National organisations that care for support and advocate for persons living with disability. This also includes NGOs with a disability focus

International Agencies:

This includes International Coalitions and Consortia, Government, Multilateral and UN Agencies as well as International Agencies focussing on Human Rights. It also includes e-lists and other international sites with links to a wealth of information, resources, reports and websites.

Australian Agencies:

This includes Australian DPOs, service providers and networks as well as Australian agencies specialising in recruiting volunteers

Disability and Sport:

This includes links to Sporting Associations for Persons Living with Disability, as well as International Sports events for PwDs such as the Paralympics and Special Olympics


This includes academic institutions with a disability focus, including those conducting research into Disability Inclusive Development, Policy Development, training and Inclusive Design