How to navigate the ADDC website

Tips to help navigate the ADDC website


On any page, click on the ADDC logo to go ‘home’


This is what you will find under the following headings:

About ADDC

  1. Information about ADDC
  1. ADDC Membership

                                         i.    Information on how to become a member of ADDC & membership form

                                        ii.    Current list of organisations represented within ADDC membership

  1. ADDC Governance

                                     i.        ADDC Executive Committee

                                    ii.        ADDC Strategic Plan


  1. Resource Search

To search for a particular resource, enter the keyword and scroll down or alternately click on the relevant resource tags at the bottom of the screen


  1. Case Studies

Case studies will be included in this section. Many are also linked to the various ‘resource’ headings and ‘tabs’. We invite you to contribute case studies so that we can include them on the website.


  1. Current Research

This section is to provide international researchers an opportunity to share information on what they are presently researching (short abstract) and if appropriate include their contact information. The aim is to inform the sector on ‘who is doing what’ and to provide an  opportunity for information sharing, partnerships and also to hopefully avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts.

The intent is for this area to be used as a starting point for research discussion and continued via the ‘Researcher blog’ site (refer ‘Blogs on tab’). 


a. Researchers Blog

The Researchers blog will enable researchers to communicate with each other in an open forum. The intent is for information on new and current research to be posted under the ‘Current Research’ page that will lead to discussion on the researcher’s blog: this will provide a space for discussion on the research and information gathering.


  1. Practitioners Blog

The Practitioners blog will provide an opportunity for practitioners to discuss issues related to disability and development, to enable new practitioners to learn from others and to remain connected in between face to face meetings. Members will be invited to facilitate a ‘hot topic’ when relevant.


a. International Calendar

The International Calendar includes events and conferences related to disability in development both in Australia and internationally.  


  1. Event Reports

Notes are taken at each event and posted in this section for future referencing. Also PowerPoint presentations from each forum will be posted here.


  1. ADDC Events

Practitioner Interest Forums, Research Forums and ADDC conferences and events will be added to this area.


The ADDC Practitioners Interest Forum meets 3-4 times a year and the events are held in different States with a variety of topics. To enable you to plan ahead, information on upcoming events will be posted here.


ADDC will facilitate or partner with member organisations at various events throughout the year. Information on these events will be posted here.

  1. Media Releases

Links to media releases. Currently located under events but could be moved to a different location.


Resources and information are filed in case they are required in the future. There are too many good resources to delete, so we house them here to make room for more current information in the body of the web.


This page contains links to a multitude of great organisations that are connected to disability and development. Please let us know if we have missed any.

Contact Us

Enquiry form – if you have an enquiry please complete the form, send as directed and we will answer as soon as possible.

Resource Tags

Resource tags are located at the bottom of the web page. Use these for a quick link to your topic of choice. Just click on the topic and you will be taken to a page that says ‘Resources Search’.  You will see the topic you chose in the box marked ‘key word’.  If you scroll down below the boxes you will find all the resources associated with the title you chose.

If you require a more refined search, go back to the boxes at the top of the page and use the regular search engine.


We have made every attempt to make this website as accessible as we could with our limited resources. We are always open to suggestions, assistance and funds to make improvements.

  1. To increase or decrease the font size click AA – situated at the top right hand corner of the home page.
  2. To change language, select language of choice in the box that says ‘select language’.  The information we have entered will be translated to your language of choice. Unfortunately, the resources will not. We suggest you cut and paste these into a site such as Google Translate:
    1. We have endeavoured to make the resources as accessible as possible, this is an ongoing project and we will try to convert all PDF documents into Word format.  This will take time and be an ongoing project. If you would like to volunteer to assist us with this project we would love to hear from you.




The top of the page there is a banner where we host feature articles and information. We anticipate there will be approximately 4 articles at a time. The banner rotates automatically and also when you click on the arrows situated on the bottom right hand corner of the banner.

If there is a video posted on the banner, you will need to click the ‘read more’ label and this will take you to where the video can be viewed.


Just below the banner you will find ADDC live stream of ‘Twitter’ alerts. To follow directly on your own account look for us on @ADDCnews.

Just under the Twitter section is a space that has three headings:

Latest Resources

This is where you will find the latest ADDC Bulletin posted. In each Bulletin we will inform you of latest resources on disability and development on which we are aware. These will be filed under the appropriate heading in the Resource section within the week of the Bulletin being posted.

If you are looking for a past edition of the ADDC Bulletin, search under Resources/Bulletins or Archives.

If you are having trouble opening a document - click ‘once’ only.

Videos and Photos

This section is currently a work in progress. J

We plan to have the many photos we have taken at various events in labelled albums; and to have videos related to the current issue here. At the moment, videos can be found under the appropriate heading in the Resources section.

Upcoming Events

This is another pace where we can keep you informed about upcoming events ADDC is facilitating or partnering with a member.

Resource Categories

This is a quick link to the headings in the Resources Category. Quickest way to go if you want to browse.

Resource Tags

Another quick way of linking straight to your topic of choice (refer detailed explanation above).