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Key documents for Disability Inclusive Development in the Pacific

Globally, efforts to achieve disability inclusive development are expanding and increasingly United Nations agencies are doing their part.  In May this year the WHO adopted the Global Disability Action Plan, 2014-2021, Better Health for all People with Disabilities and over the coming years WHO will work with member states and international partners to implement this action plan.  Drawing on the experience of the recent expansion of the WHO Western Pacific Region Disability and Rehabilitation Program, the presentation highlighted what is working well in countries, key challenges for achieving better health for all people with disabilities and priorities for future efforts.  The presentation also provided insights into WHO regional health priorities and collaboration between disability and other program areas.

Following the presentation a Pacific Disability Stakeholder meeting was held.  This provided an opportunity for organisations working in the Pacific to meet and share information about disability programs, especially in the area of disability services and community based rehabilitation.

Key Documents

Pacific Psychosocial Forum 2008 Report

Human Rights in the Pacific: OHCHR, 2012 Country Outlines

Pacific Disability Forum(PDF), 3rd Regional Conference on Disability 2013: Outcome Statements

Pacific Disability Forum(PDF), Strategic Plan 2011-2016, pdf doc

Pacific Disability Forum(PDF),Strategic Plan 2011-2016,word doc

Pacific Disability Rights Framework 2016-2025 (Draft), word doc

ADDC Consultation on the Pacific Rights Framework 2016-2025, word doc