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What are the benefits of ADDC membership? We’re glad you asked

Practitioner Interest Forums

You’ll be the first notified when we hold our bi-annual disability inclusive practice forums. Forums provide foundational information on disability inclusive development and networking opportunities with other like-minded development and academic peers.

Monthly Bulletins

ADDC bulletins are sent to your email inbox. They include new and best resources for enabling better Disability Inclusive Development practice in your work, Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO) job vacancies, and upcoming national and international conferences.

Board membership

Decide on the direction of our consortium. As a member, you can nominate yourself to become a member of the ADDC board, as an individual or as part of an organisation, every 2 years.


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  • There are 4 categories of membership:

    Eligible to vote (with current membership form which needs to be updated every 3 years at least 2 months prior to the election)
    1. Australian resident individual members
    2. Australian organisations with an interest in disability and development
    Ineligible to vote and ineligible to be nominated to join the Executive Committee
    1. International individual members (i.e. members who are not Australian residents)
    2. International organisations with an interest in disability and development
  • Members Code of Ethics
    Members shall observe the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour in all of their activities. By upholding such standards, members enhance their own standing as disability professionals and increase public and disability sector confidence.
    As the conduct of an individual member can reflect upon the wider profession of disability professionals and upon ADDC membership as a whole, the Code sets out what are deemed to be appropriate standards of professional conduct.

    The Members Code of Ethics is contained within the ADDC Governance Framework.
  • *Note: Only Australian based members are eligible to nominate for a position on the ADDC Executive Committee and vote.