ADDC Bulletin: July 2021 edition

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ADDC Bulletin: July 2021 edition


  • HLPF 2021
  • Experiences of persons with disabilities in COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, Bolivia and Nigeria
  • Disability inclusive climate justice video launched
  • HRC resolution on violence against women and girls with disabilities
  • Sustainable Development Goals in international sign language


  • Report: An Unequal Pandemic: Insights and Evidence from Communities and Civil Society Organisations
  • New website: Translating disability inclusive WASH policies into practice: lessons from Cambodia and Bangladesh
  • COVID-19 technology-based education and disability: the case of Bangladesh, emerging practices in inclusive digital learning for students with disabilities
  • Business challenges for poor women with disabilities in rural Bangladesh
  • Why bring the voices of girls with disabilities to the Generation Equality Forum? Priorities and recommendations

Webinar recordings

  • HLPF 2021: Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities webinar Series
  • Moving the needle on gender and disability: From gender aware to gender transformative (June 15)
  • Barriers, enablers, and solutions for disability inclusive education during COVID-19 pandemic (June 15)
  • Preparing grassroot communities for inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities (June 16)
  • One pandemic, different realities: Evidence on the experience of diversity of persons with disabilities, their representative organizations and civil society organization in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing to build back inclusively (June 16).
  • GDS 2022: Where are we going? (June 17)
  • COVID-19 research findings from Bangladesh, Bolivia and Nigeria (June 22)
  • Bullying involving children and young people with disabilities (July 6)
  • Lessons learned from COVID-19 crisis: Moving towards inclusive social protection for persons with disabilities (July 9)


  • Survey on Organizations of People with Disability (OPDs)
  • TCI calls for memberships


  • Day of General Discussion on Children’s Rights and Alternative Care
  • 2021 Symposium: EdTech to accelerate foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN), particularly in low resource contexts
  • 6th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2021
  • Deafblind Africa Conference
  • The 4th International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf


  • Inclusive Development Director
  • WFD Expert Work Group on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  • Digital Accessibility Rights Education Academy Scholarship Fund Program









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