ADDC Bulletin: March 2023 edition

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ADDC news 

  • Meeting with Minister for International Development and the Pacific 
  • Inquiry into supporting democracy in our region 

In the news 

  • 7th Pacific Regional Conference on Disability 
  • Vale Joshko Edward Wakaniyasi 
  • Vale Judith Heumann 
  • Summit for Democracy Disability Rights  
  • Boosting field staff understanding of disability leads to better outcomes for all 
  • Launch of report: The urgent case to save lives at a time of polycrisis 

New resources 

  • Australian NGOs enabling disability-inclusive disaster prep in Pacific 
  • Paper: Toward a Resilient Care Ecosystem in Asia and the Pacific 
  • 2nd Global Report on the Situation of Persons with Deafblindness: Good Practices and Recommendations  
  • IDA-UNHCR Strategic Collaboration in 2022: Key Steps Towards Inclusion and Participation  
  • Discussion Paper: Exploring the intersectionality of International Refugee Protection and the 2006 Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 

Webinar recordings 

  • WWDA LEAD at CSW67 – Empowering Women with Disability in the Digital Age 
  • 28th Session of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities  
  • IDA/UNHCR webinar series towards an annual Consultation with OPDs 

Your input is needed 

  • Survey: Lived experiences on living through disasters  
  • Centre of Excellence on Data for Children with Disabilities: Call for proposals 


  • Introduction to Digital Accessibility eLearning 
  • Applications open for G3ict’s Digital Accessibility Rights Education (DARE) Academy Scholarship Fund 
  • Programme Coordinator 
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