Leaving no one behind: Rebuilding disability inclusion in Australia’s International Development Program

People with disabilities in low and middle income countries, particularly women and girls, are often poorer and face higher levels of discrimination, exclusion and violence than the rest of the population.
Further exacerbating this situation, the COVID-19 pandemic had a catastrophic impact on people with disabilities.

In this context and since 2020, the central disability allocation in the Australian aid budget has been cut by 25%, disability funding in country and regional programs has fallen by over 20% since 2013, and there is a lack of strategic direction with the disability inclusion strategy Development for All expiring at the end of 2021.

The government now has an opportunity to boost funding, lift disability performance and reassert disability as a policy and programmatic priority in Australia’s international development efforts.

ADDC and CBM Australia are urging the Australian Government to take immediate action to rebuild disability inclusion in Australia’s international development program. 

They have outlined a series of policy recommendations  to the Government to strengthen disability inclusion within the aid program.

The short and long policy paper of these recommendations are available in accessible and PDF versions above.

To discuss these recommendations or obtain more information:

Kerryn Clarke, Executive Officer, Australian Disability and Development Consortium (ADDC) kclarke@addc.org.au

Renee Dodds, Government Relations and Campaign Advisor, CBM Australia rdodds@cbm.org.au


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