DID Sector Jobs and Grant opportunities

A list of current opportunities for consultancies, employment and other funding in the disability-inclusive development (DID) sector

Employment and job opportunities

The following 7 positions are available with Australian Volunteers International


Marketing and Fundraising Mentor

Use your marketing and fundraising skills to support children with cerebral palsy

Duration: 12 months       Location: South Africa

Deadline 11 Dec 2018



Special Education Teacher Trainer

Promote access and inclusive education for young people

Duration: 10 months               Location: Federated States of Micronesia (Chuuk)

Deadline 12 Dec 2018



Disability Liaison Officer

Strengthen the capacity of university staff to coordinate academic and social inclusion of students with a disability

Duration: 12 months               Location: Laos

Deadline 18 Dec 2018



Deaf Education Teacher Trainer

Support teachers to provide quality education to the Deaf community

Duration: 12 months               Location: Bhutan

Deadline 18 Dec 2018



Improve disability support services in PNG

Duration: 11 months               Location: PNG

Deadline 11 Dec 2018



Prosthetist Orthotist Mentor

Assist health workers provide improved mobility device services to the community

Duration: 18 months               Location: Samoa

Deadline 18 Dec 2018


 Physiotherapist Trainer

Assisting physios to provide better services to the community

Duration: 18 months               Location: Tonga

Deadline 12 Dec 2018





Other funding opportunities

No other funding opportunities at this time