Linda Munoz
March 12, 2021

Sign the petition to restore the budget for people with disabilities

Two people are shaking hands. Each person has one arm amputated. Above the image of the two people is the text, “Sign the Petition.” Overlaying the image of the people is the text, “#BetterWorldForAll” and beside the text on the right side is the ADDC logo. The ADDC logo is composed of the letters “ADDC” on a teal background. At the bottom of the frame, the text, “Restore the budget for people with disabilities,” appears in white font on a teal background.

Last year, the Australian Government made the disappointing decision to cut its central disability allocation within the Australian Aid budget by 25%.

This is at a time when COVID-19 is catastrophically impacting the lives of people with disabilities.  Now more than ever we need to invest in disability inclusion throughout the aid program.

In the lead up to the May Federal Budget, we are calling on our government to:

✔️ Invest in people with disabilities in developing countries

✔️ Restore funding for disability inclusion in Australia’s aid program

✔️ Increase DFAT’s central disability allocation to $14m per year

✔️ Ensure a sufficient internal budget for staff and support costs

Show your support for our call by signing our petition 👉 http://bit.ly/37QbaRS

Share and ask your contacts to sign and share to amplify your voice of FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

We need as many signatures as possible to show our Government that this issue matters. 

Thank you for your partnering with us to achieve a #BetterWorldForAll.