Kerryn Clarke
October 17, 2019

When Disability Rights Movements Lead – ACFID Conference session

The ACFID Conference each year brings together the international development sector in Australia to discuss and debate some of the greatest challenges facing our world. This year’s conference held next week from 23-24 October in Sydney promises to be no different under the theme of Beyond Aid: Championing Sustainable Development Cooperation.

Bringing together leaders from the disability rights movement from our region, including Australia, Australian Disability and Development Consortium (ADDC) partnering with Disability Rights Fund (DRF) are joining this conversation at the conference hosting the panel session When Disability Rights Movements Lead: Rethinking approaches to sustainable development.

In the context of Agenda 2030 where development actors are supporting complex, diverse and large scale social change, disability rights movements are creating mechanisms for those most affected by issues of poverty and marginalisation to be at the centre of change within their own communities, countries and globally.

Activists with disabilities around the world are rejecting a charity approach and asserting the human rights of one billion people with disabilities globally to all development and humanitarian efforts. They are…

…bringing innovative actions and unique perspectives on rights, humanitarian action and development to the decision-making table and challenging traditional approaches to development cooperation.

When Disability Rights Movements lead brings together experienced leaders from the disability movement in Australia, the Pacific and Asia to share how leadership by and engagement with people with disabilities and their representative organisations at all levels has enabled sustainable changes in people’s lives. The panel will feature;

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