Common Disability Acronyms

At ADDC, we use a lot of acronyms. The purpose of this page is to explain the common acronyms used throughout this website, our bulletins, and other work. Some of these acronyms are disability-specific, whilst some are about the development sector as a whole.


ADDC – Australian Disability and Development Consortium
ID – Inclusive Development
DID – Disability Inclusive Development
PWD – Persons with Disabilities
PIFs – Practitioner Interest Forums*
DPOs – Disabled People’s Organisations **
UNCRPD/ CRPD – United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities/ Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
GDS – Global Disability Summit
NDS – National Disability Summit
SHG – Self-Help Groups
PWDA– People with Disabilities Australia



CBM/CBMA – The name of our host organisation ***
UN – United Nations
HRC – Human Rights Commission
INGOs/NGOs – International Non-Government Organisations/ Non-Government Organisations


*ADDC holds Practitioner Interest Forum events bi-annually. They are platforms for individuals and organisations to come together to learn about Disability Inclusive Development, network and work with other people in the field. 

**This could be large organisations like CBM, or smaller grassroots organisations.

*** CBM is an abbreviation of ‘Christian Blind Mission’, before our rebranding. CBMA is the Australian arm of the global organisation.