In the lead up to International Day of People with Disabilities on 3rd December 2023, ADDC, CBM and Disability Rights Fund co-hosted a conversation on engaging and partnering with women and people of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics (SOGIESC) with disabilities in development and human rights initiatives.  

Our speakers included: 

  • Dr Janie Mejias, Research Lead from Women Enabled International who shared about research on Strengthening Gender Inclusion in Disability Spaces as well as touched on Feminist Accessibility Protocol.   
  • Ms Eve Naqio, Project Lead at the Disability Pride Hub, Fiji who shared about the work of Disability Pride Hub and the intersecting challenges for the LGBTIQA+ community with a disability in the Pacific.  
  • Ms Maria Un, Chair of HWDI South Sulawesi, Indonesian Association of Women with Disabilities (HWDI). Maria shared current research from Indonesia at intersection of climate justice, gender equality and indigeneity.   

Ms Kathryn James, Independent consultant on disability inclusion, author of CBM Australia report on gender equality and disability equity. Kathryn shared current research with CBM Australia on gender equality and disability equity.