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Our advocacy work focusses on feeding into the Australian Government’s various processes, strategies and budgets on international development, human rights and humanitarian responses in Australia’s aid program. In doing so, we share the findings and priorities of our members working in this field, and work in partnership with organisations of people with disabilities, to present recommendations to advance disability equity.

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Submission to the Inquiry into Australia’s response to the priorities of Pacific Island countries and the Pacific region

In this submission, CBM Australia and ADDC make recommendations on how to advance disability equity as a key priority for the Pacific region, provide resource to further Australia's engagement in the Pacific, address climate change mitigation and adaptation responses in the Pacific, and endorse ACFID's recommendation 17 to support the strengthening of a vibrant and diverse civil society across the Pacific, with specific support for OPDs and other underrepresented groups.

ADDC Bulletin June 2024

The ADDC Bulletin brings our members the latest news, information, and resources on advancing disability equity within the realm of international development. Each month, our bulletin is carefully curated to provide insights, updates, and opportunities that are pivotal for promoting inclusive development practices. Stay connected with the ADDC Bulletin to be at the forefront of advocating for and achieving a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Federal Budget 2024-2025 – Submission to Treasury

This submission provides budgetary analysis and guidance to elevate disability equity and rights as a core area of action of Australia’s international development program; a commitment stipulated in Australia’s current International Development Policy.

Submission to Australian Government’s forthcoming International Disability Equity and Rights Strategy

This submission recommends a framework explaining how DFAT can think and act to advance the realisation of disability equity and rights throughout our region and globally.

Submission to the Australian Government’s new international development policy

This submission provides both principled and practical guidance to support the Australian Government in their commitment to prioritise people with disabilities in international development effort.

Submission to the International Gender Equality Strategy

ADDC welcomes the opportunity to provide input drawn from the experience and expertise of our membership to the formation of the Australian Government’s new International Gender Equality strategy.

Planning for equity: Making consultation processes inclusive of diverse people with disabilities

This paper provides a summary of what good practice disability-inclusive consultation looks like, where the outcome is to create greater equity for all people with disabilities.