Text on banner says call for nominations ADDC Executive Committee now open - make a nomination today. Photo of eight people from the current Executive Committee.
Kerryn Clarke
August 22, 2019

ADDC Executive Committee Elections


Nominations have closed.  The new Executive Committee has now been elected.  Click here to learn more about the new Committee.

Nominations Open Now

Are you interested in being a part of the core representative group of ADDC that provide strategic direction and governance to our network? The tenure of the current ADDC Executive Committee is completed at the end of October. The new committee will be elected in September by Australian-based ADDC members.

Election Process

The ADDC Executive Committee is elected every two years by the members of ADDC.  

  • Executive Committee members will be elected from and by Australian-based ADDC members.
  • An individual ballot will be conducted for each elected role with every registered ADDC Member who is Australia-based being issued a ballot for each position via an online voting system. The ballot will be emailed to Australia-based members when voting commences.
  • Nominees under each category who receive the highest number of votes are elected.
  • Once formed, the first task of the committee is to elect a Chair and Deputy Chair.

How to Nominate

To nominate for a role on the Executive Committee complete the nomination form linked below and email to Kerryn Clarke at kclarke@addc.org.au. Nominations are open to Friday 13 September.

Nomination form available here: Form – ADDC Executive Committee Nomination 2019

Role and Responsibility

For more information on the Election Process and the roles and responsibility of the ADDC Executive Committee, read;

ADDC Executive Committee Election Paper 2019

ADDC Governance Framework

Thank you

We would like to thank the current Executive Committee members who have strategically directed ADDC to continue to advocate, engage and educate on disability in developing countries over the past two years. With particular thanks to our current Chair Kylie Mines from Motivation Australia and Deputy Chair Samantha French from People with Disabilities Australia. As well as Frank Hall- Bentick from AFDO who is retiring after being a long-standing member of the Committee.

More information

Contact Kerryn Clarke, ADDC Executive Officer on kclarke@addc.org.au or call on 03 8843 4519. Kerryn is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.