What we do

ADDC is a collective voice within Australia and with partners in our region for awareness raising and lobbying on disability-inclusive programs in developing countries.

ADDC undertakes two primary tasks;

  1. We advocate for mainstreaming Disability Inclusive Development (DID) in  Australian International Development Programs
    – We work with some of Australia’s largest charities. We work with disability champions within these organisations. We provide resources, workshops and networking to strengthen DID.
    – As part of this, we gather, develop and share expertise, resources and information on best practice in disability-inclusion in developing countries with practitioners and governments alike.
  2. Work with the Australian Government to increase Disability Inclusive Development.
    – This is achieved through political lobbying and advocacy, responsive submissions, meetings and events with Parliament.
    – We also promote, support and monitor the implementation of key international and domestic agreements, strategies and policies that seek to benefit people with a disability in developing countries

Central to the work of ADDC is placing people with disabilities at the heart of what we do and amplify their voices through our advocacy efforts as well as supporting the people with disabilities to be active and valued members of their communities through equal involvement in international development efforts.