Linda Munoz
September 22, 2021

ADDC Executive Committee Elections

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Image description: Members of the ADDC Executive Committee, September 2021

Nominations Open Now

Are you interested in being a part of the core representative group of ADDC that provide strategic direction and governance to our network?

Our network is governed by the ADDC Executive Committee that is elected by Australian-based ADDC members every two years. After a remarkable tenure of the Executive Committee, we thank our current elected members and open nominations for the committee.

Executive Committee membership

Elected positions are appointed for two years.

There are three categories for elected roles on the Executive Committee:

  • Representative of an Australian aid and development organisation
  • Representative of other organisations
  • Individual members.

Not sure of your membership status? Contact Linda to confirm on lmunoz@addc.org.au

For more information on the roles and responsibility of the ADDC Executive Committee, read:

ADDC Executive Committee Election Paper 2021
ADDC Governance Framework

Nomination process

To nominate a member or be nominated for a role on the Executive Committee complete the nomination form linked below and email to Linda at lmunoz@addc.org.au Nominations are open now and close on Wednesday 13 October at 5pm AEST.

Download the nomination form here: Form – ADDC Executive Committee Nomination 2021


Voting will run online from 18th to 25th October. All members will receive an email inviting them to vote.

An individual ballot will be conducted for each elected role with every registered ADDC Member who is Australia-based being issued a ballot for each position via an online voting system. The ballot will be emailed to Australia-based members when voting commences.

Nominees under each category who receive the highest number of votes are elected.

Once formed, the first task of the committee is to elect a Chair and Deputy Chair.


Our current Executive Committee has strategically directed ADDC to advocate, engage and educate on disability inclusive development over the past two years.

Thank you to all those who have served in elected roles over the past two years, including our current elected members: Louise Coventry, Sabene Gomes, Fifi Rashando, Alexandra Kay, Christina Parasyn, Kate Moss and Alex Robinson.

Thank you for sharing your expertise, time and passion for building an inclusive world. ADDC would not be where it is today without their contributions.

More information

Contact Kerryn Clarke, ADDC Executive Officer on kclarke@addc.org.au.

Email to ADDC members, 27 September 2021  – word version linked here