Our Members

ADDC membership is open to individuals and organisations interested in and working on inclusive practices relating to disability in developing countries. Our broad membership is made up of over 220 organisational and individuals members from the Australian and international development and humanitarian sector as well as the disability sector. This includes representatives from non-government organisations, Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs), government, academic institutions and interested individuals.

Together, we advocate to ensure that the rights of people with disabilities in developing countries are considered, included and addressed through the work of the Australian aid and development sector.

Become a member today with ADDC.  It is free to join.

One of the privileges of ADDC membership is the right to vote for our Executive Committee every two years (including nominating yourself).

There are 4 categories of membership:

Eligible to vote:

  • Australian resident individual members
  • Australian organisations with an interest in disability and development.

Ineligible to vote and to be nominated to join the Executive Committee:

  • International individual members (i.e. members who are not Australian residents).
  • International organisations with an interest in disability and development

ADDC Members Code of Ethics

Members shall observe the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour in all of their activities. By upholding such standards, members enhance their own standing as disability professionals and increase public and disability sector confidence.

As the conduct of an individual member can reflect upon the wider profession of disability professionals and upon ADDC membership as a whole, the Code sets out what are deemed to be appropriate standards of professional conduct.

The Members Code of Ethics is contained within the ADDC Governance Framework.

Organisational members are strongly encouraged to follow ACFID Code of Conduct as well as align with ADDC Values and Principles .