10 days for 10 years

Celebrating a decade of achievements in disability-inclusive development made possible through Australian aid

10 days for 10 years - 29 April to 10 May 2019

With the Australia’s federal election underway and in partnership with CBM Australia and other ADDC member organisations, the #10daysfor10years series is celebrating a decade of Australian leadership in disability-inclusive development from 29th April to 10th May. Achievements made possible through the Australian aid program’s Development for All strategies will be profiled, highlighting to the major Australian political parties the impact they can make with sustained and targeted aid. 

Articles will be released daily for ten days here on the ADDC website and shared on social media reflecting on the successes of DID practices by ADDC member organisations, including World Vision, TEAR Australia, CBM Australia, AVI, Motivation Australia and Good Return.

Share the daily articles via social media particularly through your organisation’s platforms. Contact Kerryn for more information. Follow the campaign via the hashtag #10daysfor10years and follow @ADDCnews on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date.

Day 1 – A Legacy of Leadership

To begin the series, ADDC spoke with Bob McMullan, former Parliamentary Secretary for International Development Assistance and champion of disability-inclusive development, on his leadership and legacy in initiating disability inclusion in the Australian aid program.

Read the article here.

Day 2 – Beyond the Mainstream

Day 2 profiles the work of Motivation Australia and CBM Australia in facilitating access to assistive devices like prosthetics. A ‘twin track’ approach to disability inclusion means that people with disabilities have the right to specific supports and services, as well as inclusion in mainstream programs and community life.

Read the article here.

Day 3 – Inclusion at the Intersection

In every country with available data, more women than men are recorded to be living with a disability. Day 3 looks at the intersection of gender and disability through projects led by CBM Australia, World Vision Australia and International Women’s Development Agency that seek to recognise and uphold the unique experiences and rights of women and girls with disabilities through support from Australian aid.

Read the article here.

Day 4 – DPOs Leading Change

Day 4 explores the principle of ‘nothing about us without us’ with Nelly Caleb from the Vanuatu Disability Promotion & Advocacy Association. By placing people with disabilities at the heart of decision-making, Australian aid has been able to ensure that needs are understood and disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) are empowered to drive change.

Read the article here.

Day 5 – Recognising Diversity

In the article for Day 5 we look at TEAR Australia’s groundbreaking work with people with psychosocial disabilities in Nepal and highlight how Australia’s Development for All strategies have challenged norms and supported the inclusion of a diverse range of people with disabilities.

Read the article here.

Day 6 – Reporting from the Shadows

People with disabilities are experts in their own rights, and have an important role to play in holding their governments to account locally, nationally and in the global arena. Day 6’s article looks at Save the Children Australia’s work supporting independent monitoring of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Iraq.

Read the article here.

Day 7 – Volunteering for inclusion

Australian volunteers make substantial contributions to the delivery of Australian aid. Volunteers with disabilities can have even more to contribute, building upon their personal experiences of disability rights and commitment to inclusive development. The article for Day 7 highlights how with support from Australian Volunteers International, volunteers like Chris can make a serious impact in a short time.

Read the article here.

Day 8 – Evolution of Inclusion

Safe and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is vital for all. Day 8 the campaign explores how one program’s successes have led to inclusive WASH evolving from optional to integral in flagship Australian aid programs, such as Water for Women Fund.

Read the article here.

Day 9 – Education for All

Ongoing education lifts living standards and fosters greater community engagement when maintained across lifetimes. Day 9’s article looks at how Save the Children Australia and Good Return are ensuring that people with disabilities have access to ongoing educational opportunities – from childhood learning to ongoing adult skills development.

Read the article here.

Day 10 – Building on Success

At the conclusion of our series, we explore how the two major Australian political parties intend to maintain a disability-inclusive Australian aid program. As a federal election draws near (May 2019), we hope to see our political leaders look beyond our borders and commit explicitly to embedding Australia’s legacy of leadership through continuing the work in a third Development for All strategy.

Read the article here.

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