10 days for 10 years

Celebrating a decade of disability-inclusive development initiatives within the Australian aid sector.

'10 days for 10 years' campaign
Starting 29 April 2019

In partnership with CBM Australia and other ADDC partner organisations, the 10 days for 10 years campaign will start on Monday 29th April. The 10 days for 10 years campaign will celebrate the achievements in disability-inclusive development (DID) within the Australian aid sector, particularly those led or made possible by Australian aid under the first and second Development for All strategies. Articles will be released daily for ten days here on the ADDC website and shared on social media reflecting on the successes of DID practices by ADDC member organisations, including World Vision, TEAR Australia, CBM Australia, AVI and Good Return.

What can you do? Share the daily articles via social media particularly through your organisation’s platforms. Contact Kerryn for more information and book this coming campaign into your organisation’s communications calendar.

Follow the campaign via the hashtag #10daysfor10years and follow @ADDCnews on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date.

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